QuickBarter is an Internet technology company establishing new marketplaces, distribution channels and point of purchase transaction processing for local and worldwide commerce.

The QuickBarter Business Exchange and Barter Network offers you access to the world's largest trade marketplace, and gives you the online resources you need to improve your bottom line. Get increased buying power, greater sales volume and access to new markets for the sale of your product or service throughout the world.

Tens of thousands of business owners and professionals already trade in our Business Exchange & Barter Network. Earn trade credit from these new customers and put your new purchasing power to work running your business, expanding your operations, or enhancing your personal standard of living without spending cash.

QuickBarter provides companies with Internet trading application solutions that capture full price for surplus inventory, excess capacity or non-performing assets while expanding their customer base or enabling them to do business in countries with unstable currency.

QuickBarter also provides liquidity for business members serving companies of all sizes, and offers businesses membership in an interconnected network of global exchanges for barter and trade.

By aggregating buyers, sellers, products, services, communities and vertical industries in interconnected marketplaces, QuickBarter and its alliance partners have begun the process of creating The Global Barter Economy.

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